Marveling about UX

I may not be the informed person to talk about UI/UX with, but my intrigue in it is constantly on the rise. Every few days, I come across a UX case study or a portfolio or a website that dazzles me as to how much thought and research has been put in to make it effortless and yet noteworthy.

Here, I’m sharing some websites that are paragons of UI/UX that have influenced my own design quite a bit.

I have never seen a fashion website as impressive as this. Look at it in real-time. When the site loads completely and Amanda Braga’s name is displayed, the cursor moves and leaves a trail of photos. Photos of jewelry Braga has designed. You cannot help but be enraptured. When you scroll down, there is a quick Star Wars-like animation. I scrolled and read twice or thrice just to get over my fascination for that entry. And I bet if someone asked me what I just read, I could recite it word-for-word

The color palette doesn’t disappoint either. The way it translates from a simple blue to a fiery vermillion (forgive me if the names are wrong) is subtle and yet so powerful.

I was just so enthralled by the bold color choices. It speaks about Braga as a designer definitively, boldly and fiercely. A total eye-catcher through and through.

Love Apple or hate it, you cannot deny that Apple was one of the beginning exemplifications of game-changing UI and UX. One of the many and most significant reasons millions of people still prefer Apple products is the top-notch UI: because the interface feels so clean and … rich (for the lack of a better word). The UX feels instinctive, which is key for a smooth experience and Apple nails it on the head every time.

The website itself is a sight to watch when new products are seen after the yearly WWDC (or dub-dub as the Apple aficionados like to call the yearly conference). The immersive UI with relative motion involved is very, very engaging.

I can’t really summarize or show how 5scontent is one of the most dynamic websites I have ever seen. Please visit the website itself. It’s as if you step into a virtual reality that just exists to fascinate you.

“It takes 7 seconds to make an impression. We do it in 5.”, the opening screen says. Frankly, I was impressed in 3. When you scroll down, you see videos sprinkled here and there with imaginative and bold color choices which lay an impressive foundation for the aesthetic of the website. You scroll down more and you find one-after-the-other projects being shown. The animated projects shown in rapid succession make you want to get your eyes glued onto the screen and never let go.

When you do reach the bottom, there is ‘Welcome’ written in varied languages, floating in a marquee fashion. And it quietly does the job of the ‘cherry-on-top-of-a-good-sundae’.

Could you tell I was impressed?




ML, AI, UI, cybersecurity, music, books and the list goes on.

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ML, AI, UI, cybersecurity, music, books and the list goes on.

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